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2 years ago

Guest House Escape (8B Games) Game

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Guest House Escape is an exciting new point and click room escape game!

Description of the game:

Guest House Escape is an exciting new point and click house escape game developed by the new 8b Games for an awesome escape fun and daring adventure!

Your friends planned to have a little birthday celebration somewhere, but they don’t have a place yet. And so, you volunteered it to be commenced in one of your guest houses near the forest. This is gonna be so much fun! Plus, the house will be very comfy and cute, perfect for a little celebration for a bunch friends.

You had a few drinks that night, exchanged words, and before you all know it, you fell asleep where you are! Morning came and whoa! What a night! As you come up and check your friends, you found them nowhere in their place and are all completely gone! And that’s not all, the doors have been locked too and you couldn’t get out! Well, this is some prank courtesy of your friends!

Now, you must find your way out of here before you get more pranks! Good luck.

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