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2 years ago

Haunted Cemetery Escape 2 Game

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Haunted Cemetery Escape 2 is an exciting part 2 escape game of point and click concept!

Description of the game:

Haunted Cemetery Escape 2 is a new point and click escape game developed by 5n Games! A ghost needs your help! Now that’s the kind of phrase you don’t hear everyday, but the difference is you are a psychic! As you happen to pass by this cemetery, you noticed a single ghost being attacked by other ghosts, i think they are trying to seal this ghost for the crime of being too soft on humans! Now as a worker of the light, you are obliged to rescue this ghost and free him, but be warned, you are dealing with the wrath of the other ghosts upon completing this mission, so a keen eye and a careful mind is a must! Good luck!

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