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2 years ago

Home Story Escape: 1971 Game

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Home Story Escape 1971 is an awesome new point and click memory escape game!

Description of the game:

Home Story Escape: 1971 is the newest point and click memory escape game developed by the new Just Two Games for an awesome fun escape and a memory ride! You had a tough time back in your old home which led you to leave the place and never to return! That was way back at 1971 however. So, in-order to find yourself completely and return to the place you grew, you have to remember the things that have happened in here. The house is abandoned now, and your room is still the same as you left it. But one thing is different, all of your photographs are scattered all over the place which made you a little bit mad and not only that, so as your other stuff as well. Find the missing pieces of your room for this is vital for your emotional well-being. Good luck!

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