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4 years ago

Horror Room Escape 3 Game

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Description of the game:

There is an old building and many people said that that building is haunted. Your friends want to go to that building to have a ghost haunting. They wanted you to go because the more the merrier. You are afraid of ghost, but if you don’t go with them your friends will be upset. You grabbed all the things you needed and go to the haunted building. Your friends look so tough, but when they enter into the building they all become scaredy cat. While exploring the building one of your friends got panic because he is so scared when a rat passes through his foot. He ran and your other friends ran too. You don’t know where to run so you enter into a room. Unfortunately, you got trapped inside the room. It is a very scary room and your friend left you there. Can you manage to escape the room without the help of your friends? Horror Room Escape 3 is a latest point and click escape game created by Eight Games. Enjoy Playing!

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