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2 years ago

Hostel Escape (Craze In Games) Game

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Hostel Escape is an aweosme new point and click room escape game!

Description of the game:

Hostel Escape is an awesome new point and click room escape game created by Craze In Games for an exciting escape fun and an added daily escape adventure!

You went to Europe for business matters today, and after that, you came to rest at the luxurious hostels they can offer. It was quite good actually. Multi-rooms, great amenities, looks exactly like home to you. Well, that’s so after you could not sleep for you kept hearing things which you have no idea where is it actually coming from!

At some point, you decided to get out, but to your astonishment, you found the door locked and no matter what you try, you could not get it to open! Oh no, this could be something else. Find your way out of this place and try not to destroy anything, or you’ll be paying damages. Good luck!


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