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2 years ago

Hydra Cave Escape Game

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Hydra Cave Escape is an exciting new point and click fantasy escape game!

Description of the game:

Hydra Cave Escape is an awesome new point and click fantasy escape game developed by Wow Escape for an exciting new adventure and daring escape! Deep in your sleep tonight you had a dream where you went into an adventure to a fantasy place called Hydra cave! The place is filled with different elemental dragons! They are quite huge! That’s why you took the journey to got there and record their profiles and behaviors. You traveled deep into the cave and one by one you saw those majestic dragons in their habitat! You go in deeper and deeper to see more but, it was too late when you realized that you’re lost! Oh now that’s not good! Find your way out of this place and try not to disturb the rest of them, remember you’re just like a prey item to them! Good luck! Play other fantasy and wilderness escape like Fantasia Escape, Fantasy Habitat Escape and Chimpanzee Forest Escape for an extra fun and escape adventure!

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