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2 years ago

Incognito Island Escape Game

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Incognito Island Escape is an awesome new point and click island escape game!

Description of the game:

Incognito Island Escape is an exciting new point and click island escape game developed by Wow Escape for an awesome new escape adventure and fun!

After awhile of not visiting Incognito island, you went to it today with your very own yacht for fun. After seeing what had happened to the island, you begin to wonder, was I been gone for so long that the island pretty much look like this now. It looks like the sewers back at home now. Did somebody dump something on the island?

You went in further to investigate, and man, this used to be a tropical paradise from before but now it looks evil. After a while of circling around, you pretty much got lost and couldn’t find the way back. Oh now this is a challenge. Find your way out of this place and fast before things get dark. Good luck!

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