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4 years ago

Little Wooden Hut Escape 4 Game

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Description of the game:

Little Wooden Hut Escape 4 is a new point and click escape game developed only by Escape Fox and featured! Tboy is a very hardworking student, he is always studying even though it is weekends. He rarely goes out to play outside. He has only a few friends in their area and some of them are his classmates. He always stays in their Little Wooden Hut to study and sometimes if got bored he watch TV. A girl at his school help him realize that he needs to socialize in order the build self-confident. At that time Tboy was alone in the Little Wooden Hut because his parents went out. He wants to go outside to play and meet new friends. When he tries to go out the door is locked from the outside and it needs a key to open it. There’s a duplicate key that is hidden somewhere in the Little Wooden Hut. You have to help Tboy is finding the key, search for clues, necessary items and solve simple puzzles to help him find the key. Best of Luck!

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