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4 years ago

Little Wooden Hut Escape 5 Game

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Description of the game:

Little Wooden Hut Escape 5 is a new sequel point and click escape game developed only by featured for Escape Fox! Josh is a very curious boy. One day he went to the park to play with his friends. Josh and his friends enjoy playing ball in the park. Josh got tired and he decided to rest for a while. He sits on the bench, then there are two adult men set also on the same bench where Josh is sitting. The two men and talking about the Little Wooden Hut in the forest. Josh heard what they’re talking and he is curious about the Little Wooden Hut. Josh went to the forest and look for the Little Wooden Hut. He found the hut, he notices that there’s no one inside the hut. The door in open and he enter inside. He is so amazed because inside the hut is so modern. There are also appliances and gadgets in the house. He enters into a room, but unfortunately he got trapped inside the room. He tries to escape, but he can’t he needs your help to escape. Can you help Josh escape the room? Good Luck!

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