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3 years ago

Locked Fort Escape Game

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Locked Fort Escape is an overall exciting point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Locked Fort Escape is a new point and click escape game developed only by 5n Games! As a person with a great interest in the field of history especially in buildings with historical value, you always visit these places. Today as you venture around and found this old Fort so you decided to check it out! As you arrive to the spot you saw in front of the entrance a missive it states that this is the old ruined fort and is hereby locked for special and safety purposes. But as the person you really are, you entered without heed, besides the door was open. As you venture through the old locked fort you seem to notice that somehow you are slowly getting lost! And finally your really seriously lost! To top it all off, its getting dark! And with no possible light fixtures present, you figured its going to get really dark in here! Escape! Find your way out before something gets seriously worst! Good luck!

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