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3 years ago

Metro Train Escape 2 Game

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Metro Train Escape 2 is an excellent point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Metro Train Escape 2 is a sequel point and click escape game developed by Toll Free Games! Getting on the metro train sure is a hard thing to do especially when you came from work and actually, it’s one of the reliefs after work also. You were so tired that you dozed-off in your sleep until you woke-up to your surprise that all of the people are gone but the train was still running! You noticed it had just gone by from the last stop which was your stop! And ever so slowly, it approaches to a part of the city you have never been before! Okay, do what you have to do in-order to get off! There must be someway out of this and hurry, we don’t know where this thing would lead you! Good luck!

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