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3 years ago
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Miraculously Bungalow Escape Game

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Description of the game:

You are a real estate agent and you handle a couple of houses. One of the houses is a Bungalow and it is a very nice house. The previous owner of that house sell the house because he wants a much bigger house. You wanted to check the condition of the Bungalow if it there are parts that needs a repair. You arrived there and you unlocked the door and enter inside. You started exploring and checking the house. After almost an hour of exploring and checking you found out that the house is in very good condition. When you about to leave the door is locked and your key is missing. Maybe you drop it somewhere inside the house. You have to search for it so that you can escape from that house. Miraculously Bungalow Escape is another new and exciting game created by Escape Games Today. Best of Luck!

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