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4 years ago

Modern Cowboy Room Escape Game

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Description of the game:

You are having a drink at a local pub. It had a cowboy saloon feel so a lot of men were at the pub, too. You were alone sitting on the bar area when one lady sat beside you. It was unlikely for  a woman to show in these kind of places so you were pleased by the sight of it. You offered to buy her a drink but she politely declined it. You insisted again because it would be a pleasure to do so, but she declined again. You went for it again, and you can see the look on the woman’s face that she was uncomfortable already. You had a little too much and you didn’t realize it. A few minutes later, a well- built guy came in and threw a punch at your face which made you knock down. It was her boyfriend. Now, you’re in a mess. How would you escape the place?

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