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2 years ago

Modern Room Escape 4 Game

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Modern Room Escape 4 is an awesome new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Modern Room Escape 4 is an exciting new point and click house escape game developed by Escape Games 3 for and exciting escape attempt and overall daring adventure!

You have a very scary adventure today, after you venture through the nearby abandoned village for a little bit of thrill. It was quite peaceful and the wind seems calm. Well, you were calm until you found something shocking!

You have just found a luxurious lone house in the middle of all this ruin! You were astounded to the point you took a closer look, as you did, you suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground! Seems pretty weird right? After a while, you woke-up only to find yourself inside the luxurious house! The place was complete with studded bedrooms and all looked so beautiful. But, the owner was not in sight. Oh man, you have to escape out of here as your instincts tell you to! Good luck on this one!

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