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2 years ago

Mystery Hospital Escape Game

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Mystery Hospital Escape is a mysterious point and click hospital escape game!

Description of the game:

Mystery Hospital Escape is mysterious new point and click hospital escape game developed by Wow Escape for an awesome escape and daring fun adventure! You woke-up one strange day not in your typical pajamas and not in your usual room also! What? Is this some sort of trick? You soon found out that you are in a hospital suffered 5 months in hospitalization due to comatose. I’ve been out for 5 months!? This is very surreal for you. You actually never remembered what had happened. So, you got up and searched for someone like a doctor or a nurse or something. But to your astonishment, the hospital is completely abandoned! What in the world is going on!? Now, in your current condition, you really shouldn’t be standing-up but, finding some answers is really crucial and you needed some help anyways. Stay safe and good luck on this one.

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