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3 years ago

Old Magic Forest Game

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Old Magic Forest is a nice point and click escape game played in a forest full of puzzles.

Description of the game:

You were having a strange dream. In your dream, you were trapped in an old magic forest. The trees in the forest are moving. The animals are gigantic. There are also pixies flying around.

As you explore the old magic forest, you came across an odd looking red stone embedded in huge tree. Curious, you take a closer look. The stone appears to be made of gem. It’s really shiny and eye catching.

As soon as you touched the stone, the forest went pitch black. You cannot see a thing. Then suddenly, the stone glows. The light coming from it is so bright it can be used to help you track your way back and escape the old magic forest.

Hurry! You must find clues, use hints and solve puzzles in order to get out of there.

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