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4 years ago

Onondaga Cave Escape Game

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Description of the game:

In a remote forest there is a cave called Onondaga Cave. In that cave the Onondaga tribe is living in that cave for many years. The tribe likes to live in that cave because there is water there and it is a cool place and also to protect them from wild beasts. You are having an adventure in the remote forest. While you are wandering in the forest you found the Onondaga Cave and you enter inside. You didn’t know that the Onondaga Tribe lives in that place. You got caught by the tribesmen and they imprisoned you. They thought that you want to harm them and they wanted to execute you tomorrow morning. You need to find a way to escape from the Onondaga Cave to save your life. Onondaga Cave Escape is a latest point and click escape game developed by Gamesnovel. Have fun playing!

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