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4 years ago

Pakka House Escape Game

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Description of the game:

Pakka House Escape is a new point and click escape game developed only by Escape Games Today! There was a pakka house that has always been sitting across your house. You thought it was not owned by anyone since it seemed to be always open. The lights are always off and there was no one in the house going inside and out. One day, you decided to visit the house. Thinking no one  was there, you stayed inside the entire afternoon. Much to your comfort, you fell asleep in one of its bedroom. A few minutes later, you heard some footsteps and you knew right then and there, there was someone entering the house. Because of this, you wanted to silently exit the house since you don’t want to be caught. Search for the hidden clues and solve the puzzle for you to escape the house smoothly. Hurry!

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