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4 years ago

Parrot Escape 2 Game

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Description of the game:

Parrot Escape 2 is a new point and click escape game developed only by Yal Games! You have a pet parrot and you love your pet so much. You always play together when you don’t have a class. Your pet parrot is like an alarm clock it is the one that wakes you up early in the morning. Sometimes you go out with your pet. One morning you and your pet are exploring near the forest to watch some wild birds. When suddenly your pet parrot flew away. You tried to follow your pet, but you lost sight of it. You were so sad, but you did not lose hope. You searched for your pet for a couple of hours and you finally found it. But your pet is locked inside the cage, maybe some hunter did it. You want to escape your pet from the cage, but you find a way to open the cage first. Good Luck!

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