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2 years ago

Prevalent House Escape Game

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Prevalent House Escape is an awesome new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Another luxurious house escape is waiting for you right here! Prevalent House Escape! An awesome new point and click house escape game produced by Games 2 Rule! Have an amazing escape attempt out of this beautiful escape house!

Today is vacation time once again! So, you rented a new guest house to crash in. But after a while, you got bore so, you wanted to see what’s going on outside. But mysteriously however, you found the doors locked and won’t even budge!

You felt abandoned and trapped after you called for help but nobody answered. Okay, I think this is up to you now! You must find your way out of this house and try not to destroy things along the way. Remember, this house is for a week rent, and you don’t own it. Good luck!

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