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4 years ago

Puppy Escape Game

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Description of the game:

Since you were a kid, you have always been a dog lover. Every birthday, it’s all you ever wanted. Now that you’re a grown up and have your own job, you can now afford to buy your own puppy. Although you have never bought one, you already spared a room for you future pets. After a month, you managed to get your own. You bought a golden retriever. Weeks turned into months; months turned into years. After a few years, you now have 5 different kinds of dogs. Everyday, after getting home from work, you make it a habit to play with them. This way, you would get closer to them each day. One tiring day from work, you noticed that your golden retriever is gone. It was your first dog so it meant so much to you. To find your dog, look for the hidden items and clues that will solve the puzzle. Answering the puzzle will lead you to your lost dog. Good luck!

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