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2 years ago

Pursuit For Phone Game

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Pursuit For Phone is an exciting new point and click item retrieval!

Description of the game:

Pursuit For Phone is an exciting new point and click item retrieval created by Best Escape Games for an overall item retrieval fun and an exciting new adventure!

Your aunt invited you to join their wedding anniversary celebration back in your home town. It’s not near but it was an hour away for the traffic in your area is not bad at all. You were excited so, you prepared a gift for her which was a brand new smartphone! She’s gonna love this.

You have just arrived at the party, and you were about to hand in the gift but at some point, trouble strikes! The phone is not with you and of course, you have one suspect about this and that is, your little brother! Great! You drove back home and found him, but he only said that he and his friends played with it, and now, it’s gone! Perfect! Just Perfect! You have got to find it now and try to leave the house as quickly as possible so you won’t miss the party. Will you be able to achieve all of this in less than an hour? Good luck!


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