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2 years ago

Raccoon Forest Game

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Raccoon Forest is an awesome point and click forest animal escape game!

Description of the game:

Racoon Forest is the newest point and click forest animal escape game developed only by Mirchigames for that daily dose of fun and absolute excitement! As a person who loves to hike in the forest especially protected ones, you always try to take your time and feel the essence of nature from the trees and local animals! As you navigate through the hundred year old trees, you saw something that you’d never expect in this part of the forest! You found an animal cage built to trap small game used by poachers! Poachers, here!? In this part of the forest!? And to top it all off, the cage has a little racoon victim! Poor racoon, at least it’s alive! You were startled by this sight, but one thing that covered all of your instincts is to set this little guy free! Find something that can help set this guy free and do so before any armed poacher approaches! Good luck!

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