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2 years ago

Ransom The Liza From Alcazar Game

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Ransom The Liza From Alcazar is a daring new point and click rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Ransom The Liza From Alcazar is a daring new point and click rescue escape game created by Best Escape Games for an exciting rescue mission and an added daily escape fun!

Liza, the Athenian princess, felt a cold-sweat today. She felt like she has to do something in-order to end this war between Sparta. So, she went to Sparta unguarded, and without any back-up in-case something happens. She offers a truce between the two kingdoms peace for the sake of the innocent lives of the people in their respective bastions.

The king of Sparta was not conformed of this, and he’s not in a good mood to negotiate today. So he asked the guards to capture the princess and detain her at the castle of Alcazar! Eventually he sent a scroll to the king of Athens that he has his daughter, and exchange for her life, is the whole city of Athens! The king of Athens was forced to a decision to give-up Athens because of her daughter’s foolishness. But, he was not going down without a fight! At daybreak, he sent you, his loyal and skillful soldier to retrieve the princess before the enemies arrive at Athenian doorsteps. This is going to be a very daring mission for you, becoming a spy in the land of the enemies is down-right dangerous. But, someone has to do it though. Be in pursuit of the princess from here on now and do be careful, for you are the last hope for all of this! Good luck.

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