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2 years ago

Rescue Cute Deer Game

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Rescue Cute Deer is a daring new pet rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Rescue Cute Deer is a daring new point and click pet rescue escape game developed by Avm Games for an awesome new escape adventure and daily fun!

Deep into the mountains, lives your grandparents, alone and secluded. This is what they wanted so, they are now living quietly here. But today, you planned to visit them for the summer, and before you know it, you’re there in their cute little home.

Prior to your arrival, they gave you a wonderful present, but it’s not just an ordinary present however, your present was a deer! It looked so awesome but, it was a bit injured to the point that you have to nurse it back to health.

A few weeks passed and the deer was in full health. You just let him be a deer outdoors and it just comes back to the house before sundown. At some point however, your pet deer has not returned yet and the sun is almost setting. Man! Where did that deer has gone off to now? Knowing that there are traps set around the place and hunters are roaming around, you have placed it upon yourself to find that deer yourself. Think you can rescue your deer before sundown? Good luck!

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