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2 months ago

Rescue Farmhouse Cowis Game

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Rescue Farmhouse Cowis is adaring point and click animal rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Rescue Farmhouse Cowis is a daring point and click animal rescue escape game developed by Avm Games! Enjoy more fun escapes and rescue adventures with us.

You just got sent to the farmland to rescue an animal and that creature is a cow. The farm is wide and any tools you need is quite a reach. You were really trying your hard to get the job done but unfortunately, you got yourself into an unexpected problem.

Escape players, you just got lost in the farmhouse while you were looking for some tools on the rescue! The issue now is when the sun sets and everything here will be dark. Will you all be able to rescue the cow and find the way out of the place then? Good luck everyone, have lots of fun with us daily.

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