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3 years ago

Rescue The Pet Game

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Rescue The Pet is a cute and furry point and click game.

Description of the game:

Rescue The Pet is a new point and click escape game developed only by G7 Games! You are an animal lover, you can’t stand cute animals, especially innocent puppies. Who can possibly resist the cuteness and the urge to pet the little fur balls? As you are walking down the street downtown, on a normal day. You see a small and helpless, ownerless puppy on the street. Since you are such an animal lover, you could not stand the site of a homeless puppy, as you are about to pick the pup up, an angry dog catcher bursts into the scene, with the intent to bringing the poor puppy to the local dog pound. Help the puppy escape the dog catches grasps! And bring him home, for him to be cared and loved for!

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