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1 year ago

Research Centre Game

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Research Centre is an exciting point and click centre rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Care to try this game here escape players, go ahead then and have fun! Research Centre is an exciting point and click center rescue escape game developed by First Escape Games for more fun escape adventures right here with us.

The research center is like an abandoned place or something, for it’s the holidays, but you and your best-friend chose to work though but for only half a day. That day’s shift ended in 12 pm, so you left your office and head for your friend which is in the research center’s laboratory.

At first everything was quite calm, but you went into a panic after you realized your friend was trapped in the lab alone! This is really not a good situation, care to try the game here and see if you can get your friend out? Good luck then escape players, have lots of fun as well!

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