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3 years ago

Sapphire Room Rescue Game

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Sapphire Room Rescue is a cool new point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Sapphire Room Escape is a new point and click k escape game developed only by The Escape Games! As a daredevil extraordinaire, you always search the internet for some new room escape game to replenish your overall thirst for fun and absolute excitement! Today, you found a new escape room just near your home! It is called the Sapphire room! It’s a bit difficult and could mean your title but, you are very welcome to try it out! So, you did! And now you are trapped! Okay, this is a bit of a bad idea but, you still need to escape! Find your way out of this place and do so before time runs out! Hurry and your title depends on it! Good luck!

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