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2 years ago

Save The Giraffe Game

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Save The Giraffe is a daring new point and click animal rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Welcome! And have fun with this new escape game! Save The Giraffe! A daring new point and click animal rescue escape game created by Wow Escape to add in your daily dose of excitement, and a rescue attempt from far-off the beaten path!

There was a fantastic place nearby and due to your adventurous nature, you placed it upon yourself to go there alone so you may be at peace with nature. As you roamed around, you took a lot of photos from nature big and small and everything that interests you and possibly the people who wishes to see the forest. But as you take a few snaps, you noticed something was trapped in an isolated enclosure nearby. As you take a peek, you noticed there was something there!

It was a giraffe! It’s still alive but the thing is struggling to get out for the place it is in right now is quite small and frustrating. Will you ever decide to help this giraffe out? Then be very careful when you wish to do so, or this thing could be a prisoner of someone. Good luck!

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