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3 years ago

Save The Patient Game

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Enjoy this new point and click game in a hospital setting. This will definitely bring out the doctor in you.

Description of the game:

Save The Patient is a new point and click escape game developed only by Zooo Games!

Imagine you are a doctor, volunteering to assist the poor in a rural area. The place is in need of doctors since very few are interested to work there.

Everyday you get to treat over a dozen patients for free. One day, an old man came to your clinic and asked if you could him. He said he’s having difficulty in breathing. You can tell that he’s telling the truth because he looks pale and weak.

Unfortunately, there’s no equipment available in the small clinic. You need to travel four more hours to reach the bigger hospital in town. But time is not something you have right now. The patient is getting worse by the minute.

You must find a way to save the patient. Find clues, use hints and solve puzzles to finish the game.

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