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4 years ago

Skull Village Escape Game

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Description of the game:

Skull Village Escape is a new point and click escape game developed only by Yal Games! You are an explorer and you heard about the Skull Village. You got curious about that small village and you want to go there. Before you go to the Skull Village you go first to the nearest town next to the Skull Village. You ask the people about the Skull Village. You investigate first before going to the Skull Village. The old people from the nearest town said that that village was abandoned long because of some mysterious incident. The Skull Village is surrounded by very high walls and a very tall gate. You went to that village and luckily the gate is open and you enter inside. You started to explore the place, but unfortunately you were trapped inside the village. Somebody closed and locked the gate and you can’t escape. You must find a way to escape from that place. Have a good luck!

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