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3 years ago

Soccer House Escape Game

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Soccer House Escape is an awesome point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Soccer House Escape is a new point and click escape game developed by Toll Free Games! Visiting your friend’s home sure is a treat to get out of your house and have fun for the night! But as you got there, you were amazed to see that all of the interior design was soccer based! How and why did he do this!? Of course, maybe he’s a soccer fanatic! The night came and you two watched movies all afternoon and it was really great! Well, everything changed when your friend went off to pee and never came back! He’s not even in the bathroom! Where could he be!? Is this a prank!? Well, that does it! Find a way out of this soccer house joint and maybe your friend will think twice after messing with you again! Good luck!

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