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2 years ago

Space Station Game

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Space Station is an awesome new point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Space Station is the newest point and click escape game developed by 365 Escape for your daily dose of fun and awesome excitement! Feel free to check similar games like Abandoned Space Station and Alien Space Station! As one of the operatives working at the space station currently orbiting earth, you are all tasked to protect the planet from certain invaders! They attack all of the time and there seems to be no end to this! Everyday is a rough day but you all managed to finish the job and get to sleep by the end of the day! One morning, you woke-up suddenly from a loud bang resonating from somewhere! When you got out of your cabin, you found nobody else! Everyone has gone missing! Where could they be!? Knowing that another alien ship could attack earth and you’re all alone in this station! Try and find something to contact earth or try and evacuate the area! Maybe we can get some answers on the way back! Good luck!

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