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3 years ago

The Jail Game

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The Jail is an exciting point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

A new point and click escape game developed and created specially by 5n Games! Escaping jail was not very easy of course, for everything you do must be according to plan but, in someways not everything goes exactly as plan! That’s why your buddy, who’s suppose to be with you in this escape was caught so you could get away! Poor guy, and you felt guilty about it so, you devised a plan to get your friend out without getting caught yourself! This is a dumb idea but its the only way! Now, your friend after getting caught was sent to solitary for his punishment in breaking out! You must get through all of these securities in the facility to get your friend out. Recall everything you know about the jail and use it against them! Be careful, for if you get caught, you’ll soon learn there is more to it than going in solitary! Good luck!

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