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4 years ago

Tinkerbell Fairy World Escape Game

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Description of the game:

Tinkerbell Fairy World Escape is a latest exciting point and click game created by Wow Escape. There was a boy accidentaly open the portal to a fairy land. He enter the place and he see the fairies, then tinkerbell saw the human boy, tinkerbell approach to the kid and asking why he was there. On that day the fairy land was at war with the elf, the fairies is proctecting their village from intruders. But the boy found out that the fairies was almost defeated, and the fairies was abducted by the elf. Theres no one can help them to escape from their abductors, but only the boy. But the problem is he dont even know where to find them. Find clues and solve the puzzle to rescue the fairies. Good Luck!

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