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2 years ago

Underground Treasure House Escape Game

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Underground Treasure House Escape is an awesome new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Underground Treasure House Escape is a daring new point and click retrieval escape game developed by First Escape Games for a awesome new adventure and fun escape!

Today, you were task to take a look at that old abandoned house in the coastal area. As a surveyor working for the government, you are tasked to take a look at the house if it’s worthy for restoration or demolished due to safety purposes. The place you are going to enter is one of the rumored haunted places in the town but, you’re absolutely not bothered by this and proceeded to your task.

You are now inside the house that now lies abandoned and almost ruined. To imagine this house is one of the most luxurious owned by a wealthy family from long ago is almost unbelievable. You keep moving inside the house carefully and somehow along the way, you found a note saying about the treasure that lies in the basement of the house! It is a vast amount of riches waiting for whoever comes in first and retrieve it! Now that this house has your perfect attention, would you dare take the treasure and keep this all a secret? Be careful though, for riches like these will not go unguarded! Good luck.

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