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3 years ago

Valentine Room Escape (Nits Games) Game

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Valentine Room Escape is a newest point and clivk Vakentine's Day escape game!

Description of the game:

Valentine Room Escape is an awesome new point and click Valentine’s Day escape game developed by the new Nits Games for an exciting and fresh new adventure! The Valentine’s Day party has now been commenced! And every couple and lovers are having fun in this awesome and wonderful occasion! In the heap of fun, your bladder suddenly reacted on you and because of that, you were forced to find a bathroom! In the middle of your search, you got lost! What in the world! And to think that you haven’t peed yet makes this experience very unpleasant! Now, you must find a way out of here and maybe your girlfriend knows a bathroom here somewhere! Good luck! Play a similar game like Valentine Day Escape for an added escape fun!

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