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2 years ago

Vineyard Escape Game

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Vineyard Escape is an exciting new point and cllick forest rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Come on down here, and try this new game for fun! Vineyard Escape is an exciting new point and click forest rescue escape game created by Daily Escape Games for an adventure in the wilderness, and a daring rescue attempt at the end of it.

As you travel along the forest which is just near your cabin, you felt really weird in the midst, you really wanted to leave but because the wood-stock is almost empty, you must take this hike to get more wood or you’ll definitely feel the cold tonight. So, you chopped and chopped like there’s no tomorrow and as fast as you can. But as you did, you found something you would not expect!

There was some sort of cage which is stuck in a small tree or something, you could not explain it. So, you went closer and closer until, you found a penguin! What in the world!? You expected the cage to be empty as you check it, or maybe some valuable stuff in it whatever. But a penguin!? Jeez! We have got to get it out of there, so you can get out of this wilderness as well. Good luck!

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