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3 years ago

Who Can Escape Ghost House Game

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Who Can Escape Ghost House is a scary point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Who Can Escape Ghost House is a new point and click escape game developed by 5n Games! Can you escape the ghost house!? As a person with adventurous friends, you were always in an adventure even though you are not as close to what they really are but, you were always in it for the fun! Now, your friends brought to this old forsaken house deep into the woods, your friends told you that this very house is haunted! And they challenged you to go in there and fulfill the prophecy and stop the haunting! The prophecy foretold that one person who lives in the shadow of his/her friends can set this place free from its curse and bring light to it once more! And your friends think this was your prophecy. Now, it might sound harsh but you took the challenge to prove you will not be hiding someone’s shadow by being brave enough to fulfill this destiny! Now, your mission is to take the skeleton that is causing the darkness of the house and take it elsewhere away from this place! Failure to do so, and you will never see the light again! Would you be able to do this? Good luck!

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